Novels by Alexandra Jones

UK Titles by Alexandra Jones

Mandalay (1987)
“Burma in the late nineteenth century, a land of barbaric splendour, of vast wealth, sumptuous beauty, strange faith and unthinking savagery. In fabled Mandalay a king lies dying. Around his deathbed swell rumours of assassinations, intrigues, conspiracies, rebellions and sorcery. A ruthless queen is determined to set her own puppet on the Dragon Throne and will brook no opposition from British diplomats, missionaries, or a handsome American ruby hunter…”
Samsara (1988)
“Tibet in the late nineteenth century, an untamed and mysterious land. Lhasa, the residence of the god-king the Dalai Lama, is a forbidden city and death at the hands of his fierce soldiers is the fate of any foreigner who dares set foot inside its sacred walls. But for the mighty British and Russian Empires Tibet has become a strategically vital country to be conquered at all costs…”
Fire Pheasant (1989)
“A girl child has been abandoned by her mother and left in the care of her father, a Danish doctor who is royal physician at the Court of Siam in 1873. Savage splendour, royal magnificence and brutal oppression provide an authentic background for this moving epic of love and constancy, power and cruelty, of old wrongs and bright new hope…”
Face to the Sun (1990)
“From Dublin during the Troubles to New York’s Lower East Side, from elegant finishing schools in Switzerland to poverty-stricker Guatemala, from Paris to war-ravaged Spain, this is a heart-rending epic of two people united through exceptional love while all around them is torn apart…”
Glengarth (1991) - A Trilogy
“From the India of the British Raj to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, from the turbulent early days of Clydeside shipping and women’s suffrage to the naval battle of Jutland, this is the story of three generations of the Roskillen family, Lairds of Glengarth, a compelling saga on the grandest scale…”
The Marriage Contract (1997)
“From the city of London to the depths of the English countryside, this is the tumultous love story set in the 1980s around the cut-throat business of keeping a sinking publishing house afloat against all odds…”

German Titles

Many of Alexandra’s novels have been translated into other languages. Here are her German titles: